Alexander Draper

My name is Alexander Draper. I am a composer and web/game developer.

Reading List

Reading list extension—light and dark themes

An open-source browser extension for saving pages to read later. Contribute on GitHub or download it free for Chrome or Firefox (or do both, I won’t stop you). Features:

  • Over 18,000 active users
  • Clean design (choose from a light or dark theme)
  • Fun animations
  • Search box, and
  • Syncing with your Chrome/Firefox account

Download for Chrome Download for Firefox


A screenshot of Geo-Messages in action

Geo-Messages was made by John Chow, Devin Murnane, and myself as our final project at Lighthouse Labs. Wander the real world and leave virtual messages for others to read.


Results of a Democratiser poll asking: What is the best colour?

The Democratiser makes the world a more democratic place. Don’t be a dictator. Let everyone decide together.