My name is Alexander Draper. I am a composer and web/game developer.


Reading List

An open-source browser extension for saving pages to read later. Contribute on GitHub or download it free for Chrome or Firefox (or do both, I won’t stop you).

I built the Reading List mainly for myself—I really liked the Reading List functionality in Safari, and I wanted it to be available in other browsers. So I decided to make it into a Chrome Extension. I thought it would be neat to have it publicly available on the Chrome Webstore, so I published it there without expecting it to gain too much of a userbase. It wasn’t long before it became the first result when searching for “Reading List” and now has over 40,000 users!


A fun little app for simulating dice rolls right in the browser. The terminal is a custom element that should work in modern browsers.


Making decisions alone is hard—making them as a group can be almost impossible! Democratiser polls make group decision-making a fun and democratic experience. Democratiser’s ranked system means every vote counts and increases the odds of everyone being happy with the outcome (unlike a silly First Past the Post system).

Don’t be a dictator. Let everyone decide together.

The Crystal Ships

The Crystal Ships is a hip band that is half me and half my brother Zak. We play fun, electronic music, using all sorts of technology to keep things fresh.

The Crystal Ships website is a static site built with Jekyll. It was a lot of fun to make and I think it’s pretty slick.